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SoloStrength FUSE
May 15, 2008, 1:20 pm
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Yesterday, you had a great workout at the gym.  Today, you reached over your trunk to take out the grocery and you pulled a muscle.  What happened?  You probably paid little attention to functional training…. I’m with you.  I suck at functional training.  Pull ups, push ups and squats are the very basic movements of everyday life and yet I can probably do up to (maximum) 20 push ups, 45 squats and 0 (yes, zero!!) pull ups in a minute.  Shameful, I know.  But ask me to do a chest press, hack squat or lat pull down and I’m there ready to go!! 

Functional training is purposeful training – training in congruence with how the body functions.  The key to functional exercise is that you train all the muscles to work together rather than isolating them.  And that’s where SoloStrength comes in.  I’ve been utilizing the SoloStrength FUSE and let me tell you, it’s not just a bar.  Just looking at it makes you want to try out various exercises and by adjusting the level, you can complete a full body workout in under 25 minutes!! 


President of SoloStrength Lifestyle Products Corp., Michael Bulva claims that without a doubt, this is the only bodyweight functional training system that has it all in one.  “In less space than most treadmills and ellipticals require, everyone at home or the gym can use this station.  No matter what your fitness level – whether you’re terribly uncoordinated, have injuries, weight problems that can be restricting, or require elite level conditioning and training – this system will adapt to your needs”.

Thoughtfully designed and prototyped locally, SoloStrength takes away the complicated machinery, weights and accessories and developed an “exertaining” way to trim fat and build muscle simply by utilizing the basics of functional training:  building a body capable of doing real life activities in real life positions.  Daniel Webster, a North Vancouver personal trainer and owner of Titanium Fitness has been using SoloStrength with 70 year old clients with physical limitations as well as clients in their 20s preparing for athletic events.  “To compare the SoloStrength FUSE to a standard chin-up bar is like comparing a Ferrari to a little red wagon.  Sure, the Ferrari and wagon are both red with four wheels, but that doesn’t mean they’re the same.  Yes, you can do chin ups on the SoloStrength FUSE or a standard chin-up bar, but the fact that you can do endless variations of hundreds of exercises on the FUSE makes it obvious it’s not just a chin-up bar.


It’s the art of simplified fitness.  No gadgets, no gimmicks.  All you need is one bar, one body and one mind.  And SoloStrength FUSE does just that.  From dynamic balance training to core strengthening for functional stabilization to high end explosive training, the SoloStrength FUSE is the all in one solution.  SoloStrength FUSE is currently available for purchase at any Fitness Town location or online through the company website @

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