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October 29, 2008, 11:48 pm
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First & foremost:  Happy Birthday to my girl Nique 🙂  Love you sister 🙂 Muah.

I’ve changed the theme of this website to reflect a simpler journal format.  I let go of many clean eating habits and workout practices and I need the change as a way to re-motivate myself to get back on a fitness path.  This format seems to an easier way to log my progress (or lack of).  Halloween is a few days away which means cheap, cheap junk food and easy, easy access to liquor.  How harmful is one handful of popcorn?  Or a few bites of banana bread?  Those were the questions I asked myself today as I enjoyed every popcorn bite and let the banana bread piece melt in my mouth.

Then I watched today’s episode of Workout… Greg & Erika did a photo shoot (both of them were ripped and body smokin’ hot!) and then famous fitness model Jamie Eason also made a presence in the Sky Sport Gym in Los Angeles to train with Brian.  By the end of the show, the guilt of eating that junk settled in the bottom of my stomach. 

I have a photo shoot on Saturday.  Yeah, this Saturday.  I get to spend the day with some of my favorite BC girls for the FitnessLicious Halloween Photo Shoot.  That means 3 days to step it up a notch and get my body photo ready.  Working out, going to yoga, getting my ab sessions in was a challenge this week but nevertheless accomplished.  But it’s my eating habits that take the best of me and shoves it in my belly.  (Check out my write up on on “Things we do everyday, unconsciously, that hinders our fitness progress“)    And in order for me to look the best I can be, that means the next 2 days have to be productive.  Eating clean, carb depletion, water restriction and cardio/yoga.  And just the thought makes me feel anxious…  but I know it needs to be done…

WorkIN, FlabOUT!

WorkIN, FlabOUT!

It’s not going to be easy.  This pic is a reflection of how hard it is for me right now to push myself to workout never mind eat clean.  My strategy?  High protein intake (isolate, chicken, fish and soy), and make with lots and lots of natural flavoring with no salt;  only fibrous carbs such as spinach, greens, red/yellow peppers, carrots and broccolli; restrict fluid intake to 1.5 litres or less to improve tone and cardio/yoga to have more definition.  Wish me luck.  Cuz I definitely know I need it.

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