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Building Bridges
November 3, 2008, 7:23 pm
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“We build too many walls and not enough bridges.” — Isaac Newton

This weekend was amazing.  The FitnessLicious Gangsta Halloween photo shoot with Gaby Saliba was a complete success.  I spent the day with 17 beautiful women, 3 great photographers and a kitchen table full of food.   I’m so sore from the posing and running up and down stairs with the most uncomfortable black heels a person can buy!!  But it was all worth it.  I spend most of my days at work in front of a computer, teaching in rooms with no windows, at home chilling out with my man or at the gym releasing some pent up energy.  Networking and connecting with others face to face nowadays seem harder and less accessible.  With the growing developments in technology, we are getting used to communicating with walls…. internet, phone, text messaging, facebook… and less used to really building bridges with the world around us. 

The shoot gave me the opportunity to remember what a wonderful feeling it is to build bridges with other beautiful people.  Learning about how they came to be where they are today.  I love learning about other people’s life plans.  And every single woman I met at this shoot, had a plan and a story to share. 

For some, it was their first photo shoot.  I admire these women because they felt they were “out of their element” “in new territory” yet they had the lion’s courage to ask questions, step in front of the camera and pose in awkward and unnatural positions .  For others, it was an opportunity to express their new beauty.  One individual I met over the summer looked even more toned and defined this time around.  She praised the work of her trainer and kettlebell training in helping her achieve this new look but I truly believe it was her focus, dedication and committment to change that transformed her to a new beauty.  Another woman was preparing to compete.  She looked amazing and she was such an inspiration to me because not only is she competing in fitness, but she is also mother to 3 children.  And I’ll bet if you look at this pic, you would never know who I am talking about for any one of these situations….

FitnessLicious Gansta Shoot

FitnessLicious Gangsta Shoot - photo by Gaby Saliba

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