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The Power of Less
January 8, 2009, 10:32 am
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To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe.” — Anatole Franceork

Family.  Work.  Career.  Health.  Fitness.  Nutrition.  Money.  I bet you can think of many things that have to get done today under each category.   I know I have.  I have a list of “things to do” in my Blackberry organizer.  I have a list of “2009 goals to reach” posted above my home and work desk.  It’s all quite overwhelming especially when I can only check off 2 items on my to do list.  I’m dreaming big but at the same time daily actions need to be taken to get me there.  But when I stress about things I can’t do, I don’t do. 

It’s what Tim Ferriss identifies as “analysis paralysis”.  For a year now, I’ve been reading his book “4-Hour Work Week”  and his “Experiments in Lifestyle Design” blog.  He offers some great insight and tips and his recent blog “The Power of Less:  Changing Behaviour with Leo Babauta” was just what I needed to read to get me out of analysis paralysis. 

With so many things to do, the worst thing that can happen is analysis paralysis.

With so many things to do, the worst thing that can happen is analysis paralysis.

The Power of Less talks about simplifying, about applying limits and doing one thing at a time.  It talks about concentrating my focus on smaller things to be much more effective.  And in Tim’s blog, he presents a 30 day challenge and 12 Key Habits to Start With.  The key is to only choose one habit at a time <“Am I capable of doing that?”>; choose something measurable <“That means I have to be honest about my baseline”> and to be consistent and report daily.  More importantly I am told to keep a positive attitude.  So here goes:  my January habit to start with will be to set my 3 most important tasks each morning.  The 3 tasks to be accomplished each morning:  write for 1 hour, workout 45min, read 1 hour.  Wish me luck… or should I say … Luck is already with me… 🙂

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