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Mercury Retrograde
January 19, 2009, 1:43 pm
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I wish that I could say that everyday I am passionate about staying healthy, keeping fit and looking the best that I can be.  But I can’t.  This past week has been “heltah skeltah” … workload pressures, tension in relationships, health woes and personal mental overload took over my week.   Outrageous situations have arisen that are all out of the ordinary and being a believer of astrology, we are in the middle of a mercury retrograde

 When Mercury retrogrades, we find that many parts of our life are being revised. Often these revisions can be a surprise or throw us back a step. However, these revisions which occur during a Mercury retrograde, are a “course correction” and provide a stop gap measure until we can review situations. During this time of revision, change is compounded and confusion is created by our reactions to the ever-changing situations. Thus anything started during this time will ultimately be taken back or even revised further, making for a high-frustration time. This will be especially true with changing our minds, reviewing new ideas and our communication being improved and honed so not to be mis-understood.

The purpose of Mercury retrograde is to review and revise our life and our connection with reality.  And so this confusion, this craziness, this heltah skeltah going on in my life is a sign for me to re-examine what direction I’m taking, what path I want to create and when it will be time to walk that path instead of just imagining or daydreaming about it. 

In a few months, I will be making the leap from working the 9-5 under Government Inc. to working with my family as a health and fitness lifestyle coach and freelance writer.    Yes, I’m scared.  Yes, I have lots to do still.  Yes, I know about the financial economy.  And hell yeah, I am totally ecstatic about making the change….  and nothing will hold me back.  Not even Mr. Retrograde.