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Happy New Year
January 1, 2009, 1:54 pm
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As I do every first day of a new year…. workout, make resolutions and look into what the horoscopes predict my future will be.  This is what says for Libras in 2009:


Brilliant ideas come easily into Libra’s awareness throughout 2009. As you trust your higher self and allow thoughts to flow freely, you are able to embrace new opportunities and make positive changes in your life. You come to a higher level of understanding and appreciation as you let go of old ideas. You’re no longer separated from what you want as you to detach from limiting thoughts, bringing you a new spiritual perspective of feeling fully supported and loved.

As you stay centered within your core, your highest ideals manifest, and you have the ability to help others realize their interconnectedness, and bring balance into their lives. Your efforts bring you into a more stable way of working than ever before, an important development, what with all the changes occurring this year.

You are a natural conduit, and you are able to receive messages that will help you grow in every area of your life. You have a strong inner sense of direction for where life is going, so trust and allow your struggles to be released.


You are more creative than usual in your career this year because of your increased connection to your inner desires. Your healthy relationships with co-workers have helped you accept the work that you do, but feeling a little impatient, you may come to realize that changing jobs could be a good thing for you. You need more freedom to keep you motivated, and in order to break new ground.

New opportunities are calling upon your ability to transform ideas through your imagination, and to recreate your career so you can help others explore the lighter side of their being as well. You are able to mediate well, and create commitment and positive energy amongst your associates. People appreciate your fresh ideas, and you feel revitalized when you are able to nourish your ideas and create magic in your work.

In your expanding realization of what it is to be successful, doors open easily up for you, and you have no choice but to grow. You easily show your good side and use your executive abilities to carry your entrepreneurial spirit into the workplace. Summer may be a time of significant change, as you reap the rewards of your interpersonal growth.


In 2009, relationships become very exciting when you share new adventures, dreams and hopes with people. As you focus on your desire to create balance and harmony in the world, your personal life will reflect that energy as well — and invite change to take place.

As you continue to trust your spirit, you will receive the love you want. Balance and integrity become the most important assets to you as you harmonize your thoughts with your emotions. Express your deepest needs, and you will be more relaxed about sharing the beauty you feel inside. In realizing the changes within your consciousness, your relationships strengthen.

You feel quite energized with new information, and easily share your insights with your partner, friends and family. The atmosphere in your home environment is harmonious, and this energy manifests in all other areas of your life as well. You have a renewed sense of security and inner peace in all your relationships, as you realize that you have the power to create the life you desire.

Songs I Pump Up To
December 21, 2008, 10:23 pm
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Black Milk “Give the Drummer Sum”

Sean P “One”

Buckshot & 9th Wonder “Go All Out”

Doing More…
December 14, 2008, 11:40 pm
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“Fear less, hope more; Whine less, breathe more; Talk less, say more; Hate less, love more; And all good things are yours.” –Swedish Proverb

Does this mean that if I do more high intensity strength training sessions, more interval cardio workouts on the elliptical, more ab crunches and more yoga, a good body will be mine to have?  I hope so.  Having a fit body doesn’t only mean doing more fitness activities, it also means doing more in all other aspects of life:  eat more vegetables, take in more protein, more smiles than frowns … in other words… more mindfulness in the things we do.

Today, my mind was focused on supplements.  Do I need more? 

As a regular reader (and occassional writer) for,  I came across an article written by Jaime Filer “Top 6 Supplements for Cutting” that made me take inventory of what I’m taking now…

  1. multivitamin – check
  2. whey protein – check
  3. glutamine – definite check
  4. fat burner/thermogenic – check
  5. BCAAs – have read about its advantages but haven’t used
  6. preworkout l-arginine/nitric oxide booster – never thought of this

BCAA’s are known to speed recovery after a gruelling workout, minimize fatigue, promote protein synthesis and foster vasodilation.  It’s popular feature is that it helps retain muscle mass even when taking in lower calories.  Arginine seems to do the same thing as BCAA’s but also has the ability to produce nitric oxide, scavenge free radicals and help regulate salt levels in the body. 

Other supplements I am currently taking:  Omega 3-6-9, creatine, acidophilus/probiotic, dandilion root/milk thistle, MaxGXL and for a preshoot prep natural diuretic, Watertight.  Is there a need to do more?  If I want to achieve the goal of gaining more muscle mass, then yes, it seems that   I need to be doing more…

Leg Day
December 13, 2008, 10:58 pm
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Leg workout today at BCIT and for a kick in the ass, I decided to incorporate a heavy set to failure workout incorporating the following workouts:  Leg extensions, hack squats, lying leg curls, stiff leg/Romanian deadlifts and finished off with standing calf raises.  The concept to the heavy set failure is to perform as many reps in one set until failure.  With my goal to increase muscle mass and decrease fat percentage, I’m going to alternate this leg workout with a HIT lower body blast every 7 days. 

More information on the heavy set to failure can be found here

5 Successful Muscle Gaining Workouts for Women by Marika Johansson
Dorian Yates Trains Legs on Marika Johanson by Kris Gethin

To put the icing on the cake, I finished off my workout with Bikram’s Hot Yoga.  I’m totally feeling it as I type this.  And in my effort to upload a video demonstrating the stiff legged / Romanian deadlift, I found it a horrible task as I realize I don’t have the software to rotate the video upright.

One Step at a Time
December 12, 2008, 9:57 am
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Our photo shoot date is set for December 23rd with the wonderful and talented Lisa Chase.   So @ 11 days out, this is where we are starting. 
Coach V on Nov 30

Coach V on Nov 30


Height:  6’2″
Weight:  200lbs
BF:  22%
Chest:  42inches
Waist:  31.5inches
Hips:  38inches
Right arm flexed:  17inches
Right thigh standing:  22.5inches
Right Calf:  14inches
Me on Dec 12

Me on Dec 12

Height:  5’3″
Weight:  123lbs
BF:  25.5%
Chest:  34inches
Waist:  26.5inches
Hips:  34inches
Right arm flexed:  11inches
Right thigh standing:  20.5inches
Right calf:  12.5inches

Do Your Soft Addictions Need Some Tough Love?
November 17, 2008, 7:44 pm
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Check out my article:


Which Celebrity Workout is Right for You?
November 10, 2008, 2:36 pm
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For the heck of it, I took a quiz this morning to find out which celebrity workout is right for me.  After responding to 10 questions, this is what I was told.  

You are a “spiritual seeker”.  You are a spiritual soul, in search of higher meaning in life.  You are looking for a fitness routine that will help you explore the sacred relationship between body and mind.  You’ll enjoy workouts that nourish your spiritual side while strengthening your body, like these celebs’ favorites:

  • Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Aniston do Pilates
  • Britney Spears sculpts her body with dance classes
  • Madonna, Ashley Judd and Gwyneth Paltrow swear by yoga
  • Other workouts to try:  Tai chi, karate, cross-country skiing, meditation and swimming

The sun sets today before 5pm.  Yes! 5pm.  Having motivation to get myself to the gym seems harder and harder and lately, I just haven’t been going.  I have, however, taken a bigger interest in working out at home and doing more Bikram yoga sessions.  I finally bought a few at home items like the ball, resistance bands and balance board to keep me from making excuses. 

I can pretty much agree that at this point in my life, I am seeking for a more solid relationship with my body and mind.  Making moves to go back to Peg City and start a personal traiing/lifestyle consulting/freelance writing business is an exciting step in my life.  Yet moving towards the direction of dreams is often an anxiety producing feeling…  And the Libra that I am, I am seeking now for balance and calmness before my mind goes crazy with 10 million thoughts and 0 action.

By setting short term goals and long term dreams, I can remain focused.  But with work, holidays, everyday to dos, it’s really hard to maintain and even harder to stay focused.  Yoga has helped me tremendously and I can’t wait to be with my Pilates instructor/best girlfriend Linda to get my core training in December.  In preparation for the upcoming holidays and cold winter weather,  all I can do to feel small accomplishments is set weekly goals.  I spent the last week resting from the work, training and diet for the FitnessLicious shoot.  I ate whatever, drank til I got drunk and worked out only two times.

This week, I’m back at it.  Yoga, ab training, strength training using a push/pull regime and taking up a new activity.  What that will be yet, I dunno.  Time for new adventures and new challenges. 


“NOW” is the operative word.  Everything you put in your way is just a method of putting off the hour when you could actually be doing your dream.  You don’t need endless time and perfect conditions.  Do it now.  Do it today.  Do it for 20 minutes and watch you heart start beating”
Barbara Sher

Building Bridges
November 3, 2008, 7:23 pm
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“We build too many walls and not enough bridges.” — Isaac Newton

This weekend was amazing.  The FitnessLicious Gangsta Halloween photo shoot with Gaby Saliba was a complete success.  I spent the day with 17 beautiful women, 3 great photographers and a kitchen table full of food.   I’m so sore from the posing and running up and down stairs with the most uncomfortable black heels a person can buy!!  But it was all worth it.  I spend most of my days at work in front of a computer, teaching in rooms with no windows, at home chilling out with my man or at the gym releasing some pent up energy.  Networking and connecting with others face to face nowadays seem harder and less accessible.  With the growing developments in technology, we are getting used to communicating with walls…. internet, phone, text messaging, facebook… and less used to really building bridges with the world around us. 

The shoot gave me the opportunity to remember what a wonderful feeling it is to build bridges with other beautiful people.  Learning about how they came to be where they are today.  I love learning about other people’s life plans.  And every single woman I met at this shoot, had a plan and a story to share. 

For some, it was their first photo shoot.  I admire these women because they felt they were “out of their element” “in new territory” yet they had the lion’s courage to ask questions, step in front of the camera and pose in awkward and unnatural positions .  For others, it was an opportunity to express their new beauty.  One individual I met over the summer looked even more toned and defined this time around.  She praised the work of her trainer and kettlebell training in helping her achieve this new look but I truly believe it was her focus, dedication and committment to change that transformed her to a new beauty.  Another woman was preparing to compete.  She looked amazing and she was such an inspiration to me because not only is she competing in fitness, but she is also mother to 3 children.  And I’ll bet if you look at this pic, you would never know who I am talking about for any one of these situations….

FitnessLicious Gansta Shoot

FitnessLicious Gangsta Shoot - photo by Gaby Saliba

Time for NEW
October 29, 2008, 11:48 pm
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First & foremost:  Happy Birthday to my girl Nique 🙂  Love you sister 🙂 Muah.

I’ve changed the theme of this website to reflect a simpler journal format.  I let go of many clean eating habits and workout practices and I need the change as a way to re-motivate myself to get back on a fitness path.  This format seems to an easier way to log my progress (or lack of).  Halloween is a few days away which means cheap, cheap junk food and easy, easy access to liquor.  How harmful is one handful of popcorn?  Or a few bites of banana bread?  Those were the questions I asked myself today as I enjoyed every popcorn bite and let the banana bread piece melt in my mouth.

Then I watched today’s episode of Workout… Greg & Erika did a photo shoot (both of them were ripped and body smokin’ hot!) and then famous fitness model Jamie Eason also made a presence in the Sky Sport Gym in Los Angeles to train with Brian.  By the end of the show, the guilt of eating that junk settled in the bottom of my stomach. 

I have a photo shoot on Saturday.  Yeah, this Saturday.  I get to spend the day with some of my favorite BC girls for the FitnessLicious Halloween Photo Shoot.  That means 3 days to step it up a notch and get my body photo ready.  Working out, going to yoga, getting my ab sessions in was a challenge this week but nevertheless accomplished.  But it’s my eating habits that take the best of me and shoves it in my belly.  (Check out my write up on on “Things we do everyday, unconsciously, that hinders our fitness progress“)    And in order for me to look the best I can be, that means the next 2 days have to be productive.  Eating clean, carb depletion, water restriction and cardio/yoga.  And just the thought makes me feel anxious…  but I know it needs to be done…

WorkIN, FlabOUT!

WorkIN, FlabOUT!

It’s not going to be easy.  This pic is a reflection of how hard it is for me right now to push myself to workout never mind eat clean.  My strategy?  High protein intake (isolate, chicken, fish and soy), and make with lots and lots of natural flavoring with no salt;  only fibrous carbs such as spinach, greens, red/yellow peppers, carrots and broccolli; restrict fluid intake to 1.5 litres or less to improve tone and cardio/yoga to have more definition.  Wish me luck.  Cuz I definitely know I need it.

Vote: Female Celebrity Abs

I hate training my abs.  I find no excitement in doing crunches, leg raises, oblique bends or planks at all!!  But if I want that 6 pack, I gotta work them out.  It takes a lot to get me to the gym alone never mind working out to get Maggie Diubaldo abs!!

In search of motivation I found a contest (it’s the competitor in me….) asking me if I want to make $1000.  Hell ya !  $1000 during the Christmas holidays … of course!!  Robert Kennedy, editor of Oxygen magazine, has an abs challenge contest for anyone willing to do it…   First prize $1000.  Second prize $500.  Third prize $250.  He wants before and after shots of abs …I need your help with some motivation and a daily hit….

With the voter rater turnout in this year’s 2008 Canadian election being the lowest ever in history… (did you vote???)… it’s time to cast your vote here on your favorite celebrity abs.  Don’t disappoint me, vote… who’s our favorite?

Beyonce Abs

Beyonce Knowles, singer/entertainer

Janet Jackson, entertainer

Janet Jackson, entertainer

Mel B Post baby!!

Mel B Post baby!!