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Think Like an Action Heroine
May 15, 2008, 11:32 am
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Access all your resources. 
Superwoman.  Whether it’s her super strength, ability to fly high or even her heat vision, she is known to access every resource she had to overcome her obstacles.  Always remember what positive skills, knowledge and abilities you have and use them. 

Go for what you want. 
Catwoman was known as the full time thief and sexual predator who went after what she wanted.  Using her smooth feline moves to capture Batman and climbing buildings to steal unique jewellry, she went after what she wanted with no fear.  If you want to live a healthy life, know what you need to do to get there and then do it.


Brand your look.  
Where would Superwoman be without her cape?  Catwoman without her whip ?  Lara Croft without her lethal weapons?  Identify what makes you who you are and radiate that in everything you do. 


Face your fears. 
Like the Invisible Woman, able to generate invisible force fields, she attacked her fears head on.  Challenging situations, relationship problems, personal hardships are never easy, but by facing your fears, you develop a force field of knowledge, wisdom and courage to help you keep moving forward in life.

Know that you matter. 
All action heroines fight for what they believe in.  Always remember that you are resourceful, focused, unique and persistent.  When you believe that you make a difference in this world and that you matter, you become goal oriented and even more determined to keep on keeping on …